Brian Law

Showreel 2017

Brian Law is a Chinese-Canadian actor with an athletic physique and natural talent for subtle comedy. Brian has rapidly been gaining profile since his recent move to the UK, and has just been cast in ITV’s new series ‘White Dragon’ shooting next in March of 2018.

His other credits include named roles in numerous independent films and web series such as ‘Our Little Haven’, ‘More Strange Than True’ and ‘Classified Freaks’.

In addition to his talent for acting, Brian has a natural aptitude for languages and musical instruments. He is proficient in French, German and Cantonese, and is a highly skilled pianist. He can also play the guitar, violin, trumpet and flute to a high standard.

Brian holds degrees in Architecture and Public Policy and has lived in the US, Germany, Uganda and India as well as London. This wealth of academic and cultural experience is strongly felt in Brian’s diligent and sensitive approach to his work.