Francesca Louise White

Francesca Louisa White is a petite British actress who is highly skilled in stage combat and martial art Jeet Kune Do. Francesca recently played Gemma in feature film ‘Milk and Honey’ starring Claire King and Mark Wingett, which will be released later this year, and has a named role in another feature filming in the summer of 2018.


She has received high praise for her leading and named roles in films ‘Between the Divide’ and ‘Dead Meet’, as well as having acted in over 24 independent shorts and features to date.


In addition to her talent for acting, Francesca plays the piano to a high level, speaks both French and Spanish and is a qualified scuba diver.


‘Francesca Louise White definitely delivers what this film needs. A solid, even maybe a haunting performance’ –


‘The film benefits greatly from the presence of Francesca L. White, whose performance as Detective Fisher has layers of complexity and intrigue and who is just plain fun to watch’ –


‘Francesca L. White does a marvelous performance as Cleo. She adds that mysterious, dangerously sweet attitude with sensuality and grace. She’s obviously the star of the film and acts like it. It’s worth noting she did her own action scenes and trained for it, which is a challenge for any actor’ –