Russell Geoffrey Banks

Russell has won four Best Actor awards and been nominated for a further five for his leading performance as a serial killer in feature film ‘Who’s Watching Oliver’. In addition to this, he played a named role in feature ‘Ghost House’, which had a wide theatrical release in fifteen countries last year.


Russell is strongly cast in complex, sinister and unhinged characters. Andrew Scott is a good reference.


In addition to this, Russell has done several high profile commercial campaigns for LG, Mitsubishi and Heineken.


Russell Geoffrey Banks is exceptional in the role of Oliver, veering wildly between awkward timidity and frenzied rage, often within the same scene. His character is on screen for a huge percentage of the runtime, and Banks is more than capable of carrying the energy, keeping the audience engaged through the quieter sequences of the film. - Scream


Russell Geoffrey Banks completely transforms himself into Oliver. A lesser actor might have turned this very comic character into a caricature. Oliver’s believability hinges on Banks’ performance, and he pulls it off. - Cultured Vultures


 ’Who’s Watching Oliver’ is filled with brilliant performances, the stand-out being the obvious and convincing Banks – it’s extremely tough to believe he is NOT this mentally unhinged character in real life. Oliver’s quirkiness becomes his exceptionally attractive trait. - Dread Central