Tanroh Ishida

In 2014 Tanroh Ishida emerged as one of the leading Japanese actors in the world via his starring role opposite Colin Firth and Jeremy Irvine in the Railway Man. This followed a number of notable supporting roles working closely with actors such as Alan Rickman (‘Gambit’, directed the Coen Brothers) and Keanu Reeves (47 Ronin).

Since then, Tanroh continues to develop his international profile via various screen roles both in TV, such as his recent role in BBC’s Dr. Who, and more substantially in various lead/supporting feature roles. In 2017 these include the forthcoming titles ‘The Windmill’, ‘The Journey is the Destination’ and ‘All That Remains’.

He started his life as an actor at three years old, training in Japanese Traditional Noh/Kyogen Theatre being taught by his father, and Kyogen master, Mansaku Nomura (now recognised as part of the ‘Japan’s National Living Treasure’ community).

In his early professional years Tanroh developed his own profile via his theatre company, performing at a number of theatres nationally and internationally; including the Carnegie Hall and Shakespeare’s Globe.

His extensive experience of working at the highest level both in the Eastern and Western industries has given Tanroh a unique perspective which has proven of very high value to casting teams and directors. Especially when paired with his classical training in Japan and the UK.

Tanroh Ishida 2017 from Tanroh Ishida on Vimeo.