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Project Description

Rebecca’s first role as the mentally-disabled Arun in the highly successfully stage production of ‘Trident Moon’ quickly highlighted her exceptional talent. This was reflected in the various 5* reviews singling her out as a talent to follow in 2017.

In addition to various smaller projects, Rebecca has been cast in the lead role for Deadly Dialogues, a play staged by the Quilliam Foundation at the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This was following her recent casting as one of the leads in TV mini-series ‘Oxygen’ which goes into production in 2018. Both projects are set to build her profile further. Rebecca’s other screen credits include student short ‘Mad About You’, for which she won the Oxford Tab Award for best actress, as well as featured roles in Ignite, Beyond the Frame and Luke Thomas Jenkinson’s recent documentary on domestic abuse.

A graduate of Oxford University and the RCSSD, Rebecca studied French and Arabic before her Masters in Acting. In addition to this, she holds a grade 8 Distinction in flute and a grade 3 Merit in piano.

She is seen as an ‘actor’s actor’ and also is known for her academic prowess which is reflected in her work. Such as being invited as a guest journalist for the Independent to write on the Arab Spring.

‘The other obvious highlight is Rebecca Banatvala, who has a piercing gaze that feels as if it could bore through steel plating, excelling both as a distracted and traumatised mother and the would-be teenage Jihadi wife.’ –

‘It’s hard to fault any of the cast in the show, but Rebecca Banatvala is particularly strong as the humiliated teenager looking for a way out. This is Khan’s writing at its most poetic, and Banatvala is flawless in her acerbic recital.’ –